Mr. Ajai kumar Bansal the Founder of the company gives his warmth gratitude for the momentous quantity of work bequeathed by the stakeholders. He suggests that elegance can be received through constant practice it's a procedure of simultaneous efforts, high ethical values and sagacious approach which aspires to challenge the core competent skills, rehearse with experiments on the of verge excellence eventually leaves not a single stone unturned.


  • Execution of Track Work on Turnkey Basis
  • Mechanized Laying of Track
  • Earth Works
  • Bridges
  • Supply of Railway Materials

Track Renewal and Maintenance

  • With Merry-Go-Round technology.
  • Expertise in Mechanized Complete Track Renewal through TRT & PQRS since last 35 Years.
  • Annual P.Way Maintenance contracts.

Core Competence

Railway Track Laying and Linking -

  • Project Development and Management
  • Design, Engineering and Advisory
  • Project Execution – Track Laying
  • Project Execution – Maintenance
  • Project Execution – Construction
  • Project Execution – Flash Butt Welding
  • Project Execution – Bridges


  • Flash Butt Welding on Running Track using Patented Rail Vehicle/ Depot
  • Reconditioning of CMS crossing by Robotic Welder


  • Transportation of Railway materials with all lead and lifting.

Rolling Stock

  • Manufacturing and supply of spare parts for rolling stocks & locomotives
  • Complete Advice and Control on manufacturing of Concrete Sleepers using SICI Technology Long Line Plant in Ethiopia.