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Railtech Infraventure Private Limited (RIPL) is one of the Oldest Railway Contractor with Pan India & Global Presence.

ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company for Design and Execution of Railway Construction, Rehabilitation and Engineering Projects.

To Maximize our Contribution towards the Enrichment for Quality of Life & Social Welfareby Nurturing an Excellent Organization for Nation Building.

With a 35 Years plus track record in Railway construction, Railtech has grown incrementally and strategically to meet the needs of the Indian Railway environment and achieved a turnover of more than INR 1840 Million for the year ending March 2020.


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and skillfully.


Calculate every possible risk in your business, take
control over them.

35 Years of Experience

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Experience unparalleled service, from beginning
to final construction.

The Founder

Founded by Mr. Ajai Kumar Bansal (popularly known as Mr. Ajai Agarwal) a well respected name in Indian Railways. , a visionary entrepreneur and a man who has combined hard work with good, reliable quality outcomes for our customers. With these drivers weaved through the fabric of our organization he has steered the group to new heights with the passage of time.

"Projects we have completed demonstrate our capabilities - Future projects decide what we will learn."

Railtech Infraventure Pvt. Ltd.


Track Laying

Ballasted Track

ckeck New Construction
ckeck ︎2nd Line
ckeck 3rd Line

Ballast Less Track (BLT)

ckeck Washing Line
ckeck Tunnels
ckeck Metros

Track Renewal

ckeck Complete Track Renewal (CTR)
ckeck Through Rail Renewal (TRR)
ckeck Through Sleeper Renewal (TSR)

Mechanised Track Maintenance

ckeck Deep Screening
ckeck Temping
ckeck Ballast Profiling

Flash Butt Welding

ckeck Depot Welding
ckeck In-situ Welding
ckeck Long Weld Panels
ckeck Closure Welding

CMS Reconditioning

ckeck In-situ Reconditioning of CMS Xings by Robotic Welding Machine under Speed Restrictions or Traffic Blocks with the extended life of 80 GMT.

USFD Testings

ckeck USFD Testing of Rails by A & B Scan technology
ckeck USFD Tedting of Welds by A Scan technology

Steel Fabrication

ckeck ︎Foot Over Bridges
ckeck Girder Bridges

Yard Remodeling

ckeck Extension of Existing Track
Check Extension of Loop Lines
ckeck Turnouts Replacement
ckeck All Civil & Allied Works

Turnkey Works

ckeck EPC Projects
ckeck Schedule Based Project


ckeck ︎Rail Transportation
ckeck Line & Special Sleeper Transportation
ckeck Track Fittings
ckeck Ballast Transportation

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Other Ventures


Check ︎Earth Work
check Bridges
Check Plateforms
Check Buildings
Check Roads

Check RE General
Check Supply and Erecting of Ferrous & Non Ferrous Equipments
Check Traction Sub-Station
Check Galvanised Steel Structures

Check Electronic Interlocking
Check Axle Counter
CheckUnderground Signaling Cables
CheckIndoor & Outdoor Signaling Works

Check PSC Sleepers
Check Steel Sleepers
Check Slab Track

Check ERC
Check Liners
Check Rubber Pads
Check CMS
Check Switches
Check Fish Plate
Check Turn Outs Fittings

Check Ballast Supply & Mining
Check Aggregate Supply & Mining

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WorkShop And R&D

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